Writing Ramble

Personally I read everything that writers put out there. I am a sucker for information and the more the better. I really enjoy reading motivational info only because some days are more of a struggle than others to find my voice and relay it to taps on the key board. I am not a scientist, but I love reading and re reading science and technology periodicals and blogs. If I were to come back after death I would certainly focus on math and science so I could share in the rapidly changing would of science as well as to feed my addiction. Then there is historical fiction; it amazes me how a real event can be rewrote and still have enough substance to hook me. It is a good way for me to discuss with students the artificial reality we experience daily. I have written several short stories and novellas with historical fiction as the theme but I am a true fiction, fantasy Si-fi guy and writer.

First thing people as when you are a fantasy writer is “don’t you think your life is exciting?’ I am bored with my own life, which honestly is pretty amazing. I share it with an awesome wife who reads and enjoys fantasy as much or more than I do,  and a brilliant soccer playing son who also enjoys similar stories and often assists in my creative characters whether he is aware of it or not.  It is the act of developing an entirely unique world and story that is just beyond the realm of belief with enough reality to make you read a passage twice and enough plausible fantasy for me to think about writing a disclaimer at the end of the book.

So here I sit at my old desk and talk with my characters concerning where we need to go with this and the ones with the best ideas live…maybe with a horrific secret that will torture them forever.

A. Dragonblood


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