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Change is the process of life; if we only see the past and the present as our guide than we are robbing ourselves of an amazing future. A. Dragonblood

Day after day I listen to people share stories about possibilities and how they can make changes for the future; the problem is they keep using the past as their resource  to bring these possibilities to life. Anyone who knows me, knows I enjoy history and have repeated it enough in my own life to understand the outcome never changes so why would I feel the possibilities of the future would change if I keep referring to the past. They won’t; and if anything they will continue to hold us back from an amazing future. Being a writer of Sci-fi and fantasy, I try to marry the genras together to create a possible future for the past. Challenging as it maybe to do this as a writer it is even more difficult in society to walk this fine line. How many times have you heard the word ‘sorry’ from someone or said it yourself after saying or doing something you have done over and over again with the same resolve.

Some of my favorites are in relationships, one party is trying to move forward and the other can’t stop talking about their previous one, good and bad.

How about a parent talking about how big and grown a child is becoming while describing how wonderful a baby and infant they were.

In society we discuss the importance of everyone being equal followed by a remembrance of a past event in time when things were not equal.

We celebrate how wonderful it is for more woman in certain careers and then discuss how women are not having babies or are absent from the home.

We are moving swiftly towards a world of artificial intelligence and social media so we can live easier and better lives and we complain because we don’t want government and others to know our business.

We can’t live in the past and still move forward as a human race. Humans today are more aware and informed than anytime in history. Living with the past and the present and but changing robs us of the possibilities our lives hold for all of us. Human selection is no more, we live to change the future and mold something amazing. We can’t live with our past mistakes, this only takes us on a journey which clouded and unclear. We need to embrace the people we are as it happens and not journey through life in the rear view mirror. We are a people a greatness, some of good and some we should have done differently but that doesn’t matter tomorrow. Living in the past is only a dream and it is a dream that changes with everyone who tells it. The future should be lived with possibility and excitement not fear and hatred.

My sons 1st grade class said it perfectly, “I am a possibility.”

A. Dragonblood