So we have made it through Thanksgiving with only a few hiccups, burned the Yuletide log with only minor damages and successfully skirted any craziness on Christmas in our home so this is a HAPPY HOLIDAY season.

It was touch and gout to the begging of the holidays with more deaths than I care to remember, including Danny Silverwood Lamb who I will miss forever. I told a friend in California; “when you have to buy more funeral clothes in one year, to many people are dying.” We also had our fair share of automobile issues in 2014 but when you never buy new vehicles you expect some wear and tear. Also having a new driver in the house and toting teenagers around to soccer practices and games 5 days a week for 9 months can limit your vehicle life. I can’t forget all the teenage drama from our son and his friends, I am sure I gave my parents a run for their money but I can guarantee social media has magnified the same issues 100 fold since I was young. Health wise we were all pretty fair to good this year, I seem to be the one who has the flu or cold at Yulemas most years. This year I didn’t do as many school visits or book signings in October/November so my life feels this could have an impact on my health. I agree but I still like visiting and talking with young people about writing and reading and can give that up for my health. Financially the year was good enough to pay the bills and have a few minor vacations, though losing a few writing contracts and not finishing book 5 in The Children of The Others Collection did impact the bottom line.    I have learned through the years some simply truths about money, if you have your belly full and your house in order then you are wealthy, we are all right. Since we don’t really buy anything for ourselves at Yulemas we donate to our charities i.e. Toys for Tots, Empty Stocking fund, St. Judes and there is always one more after we tip our service people which needs assistance and we find just enough to help there too. This year we were able to help doubly with Toys for Tots and a young family who lost their father two days before Christmas, leaving a mother with 3 boys and no Christmas tree or gifts.

Though we weren’t able to spend the holidays with our relatives, we have had plenty of friends visit us from all over the country as they travelled through Georgia to family. We have also had several teenage boys stay the night; playing video games by night and soccer by day. There are always cookies and treats ready to be devoured and cold beer and sweet tea in the fridge and they all know it (cold beer for age appropriate guests).

In my world and I hope in yours too, Yule-Chirstmas aka Yulemas has been a success this year and I hope you as wonderful a holiday season or better.

A. Dragonblood and family