I felt there were a few things I should have added, so I amended recipe.

a. dragonblood

My Friendship Recipe

“These days the word ‘Friendship’ is used lightly to describe a person with whom we have a relationship with that is not sexual.”
That statement accompanied a storyboard which I was working on a month ago. At first I didn’t think much of it, but after a little while I was wondering if this issue has become so big they have to remind writers what a ‘Friendship relationship’ really is?

I thought about this idea of friendships for a few weeks and follow up with a short blog on the topic of my own.


1-Cups of Common Interests

1-Cups of Understanding

1-Cups of Trust

1-Cups of Respect

3/4-Cup of Patience

1/2-Cup of Listening

1/2-Cup of Affection

1/2-Cup of Forgiveness

1/2-Cup of Vulnerability

1-Heaping Tablespoon of Crazy

1-Teaspoon of STML (short term memory loss)

A pinch of so of Laughter, Secrets and Stories

Mix equal parts together…

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