My Friendship Recipe

“These days the word ‘Friendship’ is used lightly to describe a person with whom we have a relationship with that is not sexual.”
That statement accompanied a storyboard which I was working on a month ago. At first I didn’t think much of it, but after a little while I was wondering if this issue has become so big they have to remind writers what a ‘Friendship relationship’ really is?

I thought about this idea of friendships for a few weeks and follow up with a short blog on the topic of my own.


1-Cups of Common Interests

1-Cups of Understanding

1-Cups of Trust

1-Cups of Respect

3/4-Cup of Patience

1/2-Cup of Listening

1/2-Cup of Affection

1/2-Cup of Forgiveness

1/2-Cup of Vulnerability

1-Heaping Tablespoon of Crazy

1-Teaspoon of STML (short term memory loss)

A pinch of so of Laughter, Secrets and Stories

Mix equal parts together and let marinate for a life time.

Add Patience and pinches when needed and mix in thoroughly or until completely absorbed.

Ingredients may need to be adjusted as you get older for tastebuds, an in some cases recipe may need to be stored in a special place for a while and enjoyed later in life.

So there you have it, My Friendship Recipe. I don’t have a lot of recipes like this but the ones I have, I thoroughly enjoy.

A. Dragonblood