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Recently I was asked “Why do you wear a weird looking cross around my neck?” I explained the cross in question was actually an Ankh, and it was a symbol representing: Long Life, Health and Wealth. This lead us into a deeper conversation about Charms from around the world, here are 20 more familiar charms which are represented in many of our world cultures.

1.  Horse Shoe- represents Protection and Luck, when worn or placed upwards

2.  Japanese Frog- represents Safe Travels

3.  Rooster- represents Good Fortune and Justice (often found in kitchens)

4.  Lion- represents Long LIfe

5.  Dolphin- represents Friendship

6.  Owl- represents Wisdom and Truth

7.  Pig- represents Wealth

8.  Bumble Bee- represents Luck and Prosperity

9.  Turtle- represents Wisdom

10. Anchor- represents Hope and Optimism

11. Eye of Horus- represents Health and Wealth

12. Sun- represents Enlightenment and Awareness

13. Four Leaf Clover- represents Luck

14. Thors Hammer- represents Success in adversity

15. Mushroom- represents Good Things to come

16. Grecian Key- represents Knowledge and Opportunity

17. Shell- represents Fortune and Sanctity

18. Five Pointed Star or Pole Star- represents Guidance and Safety

19. Celtic Shield Knot- represents Protection and Strength

20. Maneki-Neko or Beckoning Cat- Japanese symbol for luck and friendship


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